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Saving very matted tangled Hair is our passion, and our passion shows on every client that walks out of our doors.  Do not be depressed or sad anymore.  The kingdom of heaven is at hand to heal.  Luke 1:37

take down remover detangler product for kids and adults.

Take Down Remover Super Detangler Cream

No matter what your hair texture or hair type, this product helps to soften matts, hard clumps of matted hair, knots, dreadlocks, hair extensions, sew in weaves and braids.   It makes detangling hair easier and faster.

matted hair over 6 months

Matted Tangled Hair Detangler Service

 We offer discounts for your appointments and solid advice on how to keep your hair healthy!


Women want to always look beautiful with healthy hair and not matted tangled. 

But there are times when hair becomes very matted tangled and difficult to untangle. How to detangle matted hair with knots is a frustrating problem if not done correctly. 

For people with many hair types, especially for those with long hair or curly hair, the process of detangling matted hair is time-consuming and can significantly damage their hair if not done in the right way. we have the right tools and proper hair detangler techniques which can significantly reduce the time and energy spent on tangled hair. 

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